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Special Promotion in August


Activity Name : 50% off for sample
Promotion time : 1 August, 2020 to 31 August, 2020
Promotional content : (1) 50% off for the first sample
                                   (2) 20% off for the second to tenth sample

For further information or customization requirement, please feel free to contact us. The final resolution is owned by J&R.
J&R Technology
29 July 2020
1. Only 10 of the same series of samples are allowed to enjoy the promotional activity for each customer company, while the excess part (over 10) will not be included in the activity.
2. Telephone accessories (handset, horn, motherboard) do not enjoy these discounts.
3. Telephone models for the promotion included:
    Weatherproof Telephone : JR101-CB, JR101-FK, JR101-FK-HB, JR101-FK-L, JR103-CB, JR103-FK, JR103-FK-HB, JR104-SC, JR105-FK ;
    Anti-Vandal Handset Telephone : JR201-FK, JR202-CB, JR202-FK, JR204-CB, JR205-FK, JR206-FK, JR208-CB, JR208-FK, JR210, JR211-FK, JR212-FK ;
    Emergency Intercom Telephone : JR301-SC, JR305-SC, JR306-SC, JR308-FK, JR309-FK, JR313-SC ;
    Explosion-Proof Telephone : JREX101, JREX103, JREX106.

4. “J&R” is the default logo for all promotional samples. For customization, please contact us.