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J&R Explosion Proof Telephone Project in Gibraltar Power Plant



In 2016, Gibraltar built the first grid connected Eco Wave Power plant. On the basis of environmental considerations, the Gibraltar Electricity Authority purchased JREX101-FK Explosion-proof Telephone from J&R as one of the emergency equipment for the new offshore power station. “We had some pretty foul weather over the winter and I am happy to say that your installation has survived, and that's a great thing! That was my biggest reservation all the safety parameters conform to those of the Gibraltar Electricity Authority and just to say that we are very glad that you are now form part of our generation park”. (Michael N. Caetano, CEO, Gibraltar Electricity Authority)
JREX101-FK Explosion-proof Telephone is suitable for power plants, chemical plants, iron and steel plants and other flammable and combustible places. The shell of JREX101-FK is cast by aluminum alloy, and the phone surface sprayed by franklinic electricity, which has strong impact resistance and protective performance. The handset adopts the outdoor public telephone handset and is equipped with stainless steel armored cord. Telephone circuit components are purchased and produced according to outdoor standards. The circuit is treated with strict explosion-proof and protective treatment. J&R explosion proof telephone passes ATEX authentication and is the best choice for communication in harsh environment.
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