Broadcasting Explosion-proof Telephone JREX103-HB

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This product has the following explosion protection:
Explosion-proof Telephone:
  • II 2G Rx e ib [ib] mb IIC T6 Gb
  • III 2D Ex ib [ib] tb IIIC T135 °
  • -40 °C ≤ Ta ≤ +60 °C/+40°C
  • Zone 1, 2, 22
Explosion-proof Beacon:
  • AC220V/50Hz reated voltage
  • IP54-IP65 protection class
  • T1~T4 temperature environment
  • Zone 1 & Zone 2
  • WF1 Corrosion-proof grade
  • G3/4" Inlet Thread
  • 10mm~14mm Cable outer dia
  • 150/min Guide number
  • ≥80dB Sound intensity
Explosion-proof Horn:
  • Aluminum casting body
  • Fire-proof spool material is stainless steel preparation of net
  • Output power 25W (load 8Ω,110V audio signal)
  • Input voltage: 110 V,Impedance: 8/16
  • Output frequency range: 300 ~ 6000Hz
  • Intensity of output sound pressure is 110 dBA @ 1 metre typical

Specification Downlaod




The Analog/SIP Broadcasting Explosion Proof Telephone it is fully contained within a corrosion resistant aluminum alloy die-casting providing complete protection against dust and moisture ingress, resulting in a highly reliable product with a long MTBF. Equiped with EX horn & EX beacon with EX Junction & Rubber protective tube,the EX horn can broadcast remotely for notification and works after 1-9 rings (adjustable), shut when handset lifted or call finished. EX horn works after 1-9 rings, shut when handset lifted or call finished. The EX beacon begins to flash when ringing or in use, attracting attention to the phone when call comes,it could be very useful in the noisy environments.
This easy-to-use explosion proof telephone can be used in a variety of hazardous and demanding environments.
For communication in areas which may be hazardous due to the presence of flammable gases or vapors,and/or combustile dusts.In chemical and petrochemical plants,oil refineries,mines,offshore,power generation facilities,bulk loading stations,paint and vamish manufacturing plants,grain processing and similar well as mechanical wear and tear.Telephone is ideal for security and industrial applications,as well as emergency help.

Key Features:

Standard Analog/SIP Explosion-proof Telephone 
With external EX horn & EX beacon & EX junction box
Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy die casting housing
24VDC Power Supply
can be connected to any standard two-wire telephone line,including analogue PABX lines and PSTN.
With NPT conduit entries and Type 3 / IP67 environmental ratings
Web Page Configuration
SIP Compatible,RJ45 LAN or WAN Direct Connection
Automatic Call Divert (rollover), via Memory List
RJ45 Ethernet socket through IP67 plug connector.
SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) RFC3261
Inbuilt redundancy: able to make diversion calls to 2nd PBX
Configuration: web interface or server based configuration file. Static IP address provisioning or DHCP. 
Certificated for use in Hazardous areas of Gas Group IIB/IIA
Zone classification: Zone 1& Zone 2
Ex ’d’ protected
Intrinsically safe Ex”ib” certified 
Temperature classification:T6
Handset with Noise canceling microphone,for effective communication from noisy areas(Armored SS cord stands up to rough treatment,optional for black curly cord )
Completely programmable weatherproof keypad designed to be used with gloves
No.of keys(TOTAL 15KEYS):0-9,*,#,Redial,Mute,Last Number Redial
Hermetically sealed non-contact hook sensing switch improves system reliability
Built-in External Ringer that provides penetrating calling signal(85dbA@ 1meter)
Mounting :Wall/column/structural
Captive cover screws prevent loss during installation


Telephone Dimension : Approx. 204*334*126mm(H*W*D) 
Weight: 8Kg.(Approx)
Packaging materials: pearl cotton, carton

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