Oil&Gas Industrial Booth JR-TH-03

Catalog: Telephone Hood

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Model Number:JR-TH-03

The Acoustic Booth made of robust metal construction,expecially designed for installation in corrosive industrial and marine areas, Off-Shore & On-Shore, with non hygroscopic sound absorbing filling material.It can be used both indoors,outdoors.
The booth is fixed to the wall via two stainless steel mounting brackets that are secured through the hood's back wall to the inner telephone apparatus plate. This enables a load of up to 60 kgs to be safely mounted on the plate. The plate is pre-drilled to accept many telephones.


• standalone booth
• Robust metal construction
• contain an inside lamp 
• fancy looking and modern
• Fire Retardant
• Waterproof,can be used outdoors
• Optional colors and dimension available upon request
• Pass-trough hole on the shelf for cables inlet
• UV resistant and suitable for harsh environment
• Special shape for higly noisy areas


Operating Temperature: -30°C to +65°C 
Storing Temperature: -40°C to +75°C
Materials: robust metal construction
Size: 110 * 110 * 240 (cm)
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